What to do in Vegas When You're Sober

I recently spent 3 nights in Vegas as a nondrinker. 

It was my best trip to Vegas ever.

I had an absolute blast with none of the consequences from previous alcohol induced trips. 

You must be wondering...

What did I do?

What did I drink?

Let me tell you all about it!

We arrived in the evening and immediately got ready to meet friends for dinner at SushiSamba.

The restaurant is uniquely themed with Peruvian, Brazilian, and Japanese flavors.

We ordered the chef’s special where they just keep bringing out the best of the day. 

This included Wagu beef cooked on a rock at our table.

It was so delicious I will never be the same after tasting it!


They have a mocktail menu, featuring three drinks.

Coco Leite

Coconut milk, pineapple and mango. Served long, over ice.

Berry Smash

Muddled blackberry and raspberry, topped with lime sparkling water. Served long, over ice.

Cucumber Refresher

Fresh cucumber juice, agave nectar, topped with sparkling water. Served long, over ice.


I chose the Cucumber Refresher.

It was absolutely delicious and came with a beautiful fresh flower in it.

How special! 

After dinner we headed to Carnival Court, an outdoor night club. 

We danced to 90’s music until our feet hurt!

The menu had Coor’s Edge, a non alcoholic beer on it, but when I went to order they didn’t have any.

I got a club soda with lime instead.

I hardly had a chance to drink because I was on the dancefloor most of the time.

The following day I relaxed by the The Venetian Pool.

In the late afternoon my friends joined us and we ate fresh ceviche, guacamole, and truffle fries.

We played Euchre and enjoyed everyone’s favorite Vegas pastime = people watching!

I had a drink with a kick, Turmeric and Tonic.

It was Turmeric, Ginger, Lemon, Agave, and Cracked Black Pepper.


That evening my husband and I were treated to a Live Concert, called Recover Outloud 

by KT Tundstall and Macklemore at The Barry Manilow Theater. 

We had a blast singing along in a room of highly spirited, compassionate, recovered people that absolutely know how to have a good time without substances. 

It was an amazing show that ended in confetti, trombones blasting, drums pumping, and the crowd jumping.

Thank you Macklemore!


After the show my husband and I toured the The Bellagio Conservatory and Botanic Garden, which I think is the prettiest part of Vegas.

The seasonal designs are awe inspiring and I was lucky enough to be there during fall, my favorite season.

It was a whimsical walk through an imaginative woodland.

 From there we watched the Bellagio Fountains, a dramatic display set to Celine Dion’s music with a view of The Eiffel Tower lighting up in the background.


We got back to our hotel way past our bedtime.

We fell asleep fast and power slept hard, if only for a few hours.


I enjoyed a day at Canyon Ranch Spavoted the best spa in Vegas.

This was a perfect sanctuary from the loud, busy, and bright casinos.

Not only did I enjoy a soothing facial, I also had the opportunity to fully indulge in a collection of aquathermal environments including:

a hydrospa, experiential rains, Finnish sauna, crystal steam room and igloo. 

A truly unique and tranquil experience. 

I took my time getting ready and wore my fanciest outfit. 

Ooh, la la. 


My husband and I went to The Cosmopolitan for drinks. 

Yes, drinks. 

Alcohol Free of course.

We started at  The Chandelier Bar and grabbed a seat inside The Chandelier.

The mocktail states “because you already ARE the life of the party!”

I had a Chill Pill, ginger and cucumber fizz.

My husband had a Mischief Maker, lime and ginger bubbly.

Next, we met friends for drinks at Alibi Ultra Lounge

I had Heineken 0.0

There was no spotlight on me for not drinking alcohol.

We had a late dinner at Javier's Mexican Restaurant. 

I had a virgin mango margarita with way too many chips with salsa.  

I had an after dinner Americano.

10 pm coffee, only on Vegas time! 

We walked the Strip and fell into bed full, happy, and content. 

I came home feeling refreshed from my out of this world Vegas experience. 

Instead of feeling like a train wreck, I felt excited to come back again and again. 

You can reimagine Vegas and all these pictures minus alcohol.

It is so much better this way! 

For more about my trip read my blog... Vegas is More Fun When You're Sober


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