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Becoming 1:1
Coaching Program

Experience premier custom curated support for your unique journey towards freedom from alcohol and self discovery.

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Questions For You?


  • Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired?
  • Are you frustrated that your relationship with alcohol is taking up so much headspace?
  • Would you like to take action on this issue but you’re afraid of failure?
  • Have you tried before and feel like nothing sticks despite your best attempts?
  • Do you dream of having a life filled with health, confidence, and freedom but continue to slip into your familiar drinking habits?
  • Are you afraid you can’t feel good, relax, or be productive without alcohol?
  • Does your relationship with alcohol seem to take over your other values and sit in the driver's seat too often?
  • Has your experience with alcohol changed overtime?

Picture this…

  • You take the bold step to surrender, reach out, and ask for help. You are caught in a net of support and connection.
  • You learn to treat yourself with compassion, and silence the inner critic.
  • You have an expert guide to hold your hand and illuminate your path every step of the way.
  • You start to build your confidence. You tune into yourself.
  • You get to know and love the person that you already are.
  • You gain an inner smile each night when your head hits the pillow.
  • You wake up feeling fresh and proud, looking forward to another day and all that this life has to offer.
  • You stop wasting time and start to take action on your dreams.
  • Alcohol gets farther and farther away in the rearview mirror and you start to focus on what’s in front you.
  • You gain clarity on your dreams and take doable steps towards living the kind of life you always dreamed for yourself.
  • You are held in loving accountability and community.
  • You lose the desire to drink completely and put your energies towards the things that really matter to you.
  • You learn to celebrate and reward yourself.
  • Your number one job in this life is to take tender loving care of yourself.
  • You are worth it.

The Biggest Challenge is…

  • While it’s great to visualize an alcohol free life, it’s an extreme challenge to get through early sobriety.
  • If you are starting to depend on alcohol more than you like, that is because alcohol is an addictive substance.
  • Your growing dependence is your body and brain responding exactly as they are supposed to.

You might be feeling a lot of blame and shame for having this issue,

but I am here to tell you,

there is nothing wrong with you. You can get free and I can help.

I found the Solution for you…


Once I found a modern and holistic way to free myself from alcohol, I knew I had to help other high achieving, gray area drinkers, like me, get free too.
I didn’t see modern, holistic, options to make a sober life something to look forward to when I was struggling.
The focus of every program I found was abstaining from alcohol. Letting go of something I thought I loved felt like setting myself up for a life of deprivation and sadness.
I didn’t want to feel like my hand was slapped and I had to sit in the corner with my back to the party because I was a "bad drinker".
I wanted something to reach towards, not run from, so I created it.

I wanted a life of joy, intention, and alignment.

I wanted to help others achieve this too.

That is why I got certified as a coach and created my Becoming 1:1 Coaching Package.

My Story

Hi, I am Heather Lowe, I had my first drink at age 12 and immediately loved the boozy, woozy, euphoric feeling it gave me. I continued to outsource my happiness for the next 30 years. Alcohol did not always seem like a problem for me, but I knew I liked it more than most. I loved how it gave me a break from being myself. My loud inner critic was always yelling at me from the inside about how not good enough I was and how everything was always my fault. I told myself whatever I was feeling was wrong. I thought it was my job to win the approval of everyone and never disappoint anyone. I was walking a tightrope of perfection every single day. 

As I got older my drinking started to mess with my mental health. My depression and anxiety were escalating as my clarity and alignment were tumbling downward, picking up speed and momentum with each drink. When I was hit with the devastating news of the unexpected passing of many loved ones, one after another, within a short period of time, I used alcohol to self medicate until I no longer recognized my own eyes in the mirror looking back at me. After a series of alcohol free experiments and trying micro manage, project manage, and moderate alcohol desperately trying to keep it in my life for a very long time, I finally set down my wine glass on February 20, 2018 and never picked it back up again. I had no idea if sobriety would fix my problems, but I knew alcohol was not working and I had to try something different. Wine was no longer the answer for me. The poison I was consuming to cure my problem, became the biggest problem of all.

Ditch the drink was the most effective platform I have used. I have tried 12 step programs, apps with coaching and reading quit lit, but Heather’s program was the most effective. She is so good at one on one coaching and is truly invested in your success. She offers several modalities to complement the coaching sessions. I definitely found the right place for my sobriety journey!

- Chris

I was terrified to call Heather but she immediately put me at ease. I felt like she understood where I was coming from and had gentle and supportive guidance. Heather is a skilled listener and always encouraged me regardless of the topic we were discussing. I looked forward to our calls each week. I started out nervous, insecure and hopeless. 3 months later I feel so powerful and strong.

- Jen

This program has been life changing for me. Heather helped me identify the triggers for my drinking and is a shining example of how genuine life can be like without alcohol. She has helped me keep the promises I make to myself. I have freedom from alcohol I've never experienced in my adult life. I am living the life I've always wanted, but didn't think I could have.

- Melissa

Ditched the Drink gave me that extra support and push I needed. I had tried quitting before and fell off the wagon. I knew quitting the second time around, I needed to do something big and different.

- Nora

I was in a bad cycle of drinking every night to numb myself. Heather helped me to recognize the triggers and patterns that led to this behavior, and to come up with strategies to short-circuit that behavior.

- Anne

 I fully recommend Heather’s Ditched The Drink coaching package. I have really improved my relationship with alcohol: ditching the drink now has an ease to it, like taking a well deserved breath of fresh air. I credit this to all I have learned from Heather through our coaching sessions, and her loving, supportive and caring attitude. Thank you!

- Danielle

1:1 Becoming Coaching Support

My proven step by step process sets you up for success on your alcohol free journey. Together, we create a plan for connection and success.

I’m ready to learn more in a powerful conversation

What's Included

A 12 session program that offers a proven system to create freedom from alcohol and alignment with your highest self through my Award Winning Certified Professional Recovery and Life Coaching

Access to Heather Lowe, a trusted expert coach with experience and education in Social Work, Coaching, Wellbeing, Human Resources, Sales, and Marketing.

12 week access to my Private Insider Community with masterclasses, membership, connection, community and group coaching calls.

Guidance in developing your personal success kit.

Text and email support

A proven path to freedom from alcohol

Topics explored include creating mindset shifts, removing limiting beliefs, implementing appropriate boundaries, exploring attachment, celebrating, re-writing reward circuits, connection in community, and obtaining custom curated resources for your personal discovery and development.

Becoming 1:1 is a 12 weeks Coaching Program

And here is how we do it

Weeks 1-3

  • Discovery, vision, and goal setting
  • How to handle triggers and cravings
  • Curating your personalized success plan
  • Self-care, rituals, routines, and systems that support your alcohol-free journey

Weeks 4-6

  • Crafting your best alcohol free vision
  • Building self discovery and awareness
  • Creating boundaries that work for you
  • Turning the voice in your head from critic to compassion

Weeks 7-9

  • How to release your emotions in real time so the pressure value doesn’t overflow
  • Finding space and mindfulness
  • Evaluating relationships

Weeks 9-12

  • Connection and community
  • Going after your biggest dreams
  • Finding joy in sobriety

$1,819 USD

I’ve done my research and most offers like this are over $10,000.

I wanted to make this course more affordable and accessible for you.

$1,819 for the package which includes 12 weeks of 1:1 customized Coaching, Access to a library of Masterclasses, Insider Membership with 24/7 private mobile app, Weekly Group Coaching, text and email support, workshops, challenges, giveaways, and more.

Yes I am ready for a alcohol free journey

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We believe in the power of this program so much that we offer a 100% money-back guarantee. If you start the program and realize it’s not for you we'll refund your investment, no questions asked within 2 days.


Enroll now, and you'll also receive these exclusive bonuses:

Alcohol Free Workbook with Habit Tracker

Immediate Access to two Masterclasses

Downloadable resources, templates, and guides to accelerate your progress

This program is for you if you are:

  • Ready to accelerate the progress you have made on your own
  • Interested in learning and personal development
  • You have a desire to elevate your energetic vibe
  • Inspired by a vision for yourself that you’d like to take action on

This program is not for you if:

  • You want to stay in the comfort zone
  • You are not willing to take any risks
  • You don’t want to work hard at something new
  • You are not interesting in learning
Yes I am ready for a alcohol free journey

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