Jump start living your best life in just 6 weeks. Remove alcohol, gain freedom and align with your highest self, to do your greatest good.

I will guide you with my step by step process. You will receive all the tools you need to end the internal conflict and welcome the opportunity to ditch the drink.


Through This Jumpstart You'll Learn To

Quit Drinking

Start with a beginners mind.

Explore your unconscious beliefs.

Get curious and fail forward.

Gain back your headspace by ditching the drink. 

Feel Your Feelings

Stop numbing with alcohol.

Find joy.

Learn how to manage discomfort.

Discover your authentic purpose.

Experience inner peace and resilience.

Pursue Happiness

Pursue your Passions.

Become a more interesting person.

Build a lush live filled what you love . . . not what you want to escape from.


Here's What You'll Get


Remove the desire to drink and find a new zest for living.

Ditched the Drink is the ONLY digital course that provides daily support and expert guidance for 42 days without drinking.

What you'll get:

Personal DAILY email and text support for 42 days

42 videos, inspiration, motivation and resources galore!

42 emails with additional resources for self study

Sober tools needed to end internal conflict

If you are ready evaluate your relationship with alcohol while learning to free yourself from cravings, address triggers, build confidence and have fun while avoiding labels, committing to a 12 step program, or worrying about what people think...Ditched the Drink Jumpstart will get you there.

This course will show you the way and jumpstart your personal progress.

With expert guidance and daily support to keep you motivated, accountable, and excited about making a positive change.

One time payment of $397


Get Started Today


The Ditched the Drink Course is a refreshing and honest approach to stop drinking.

The daily lessons are thoughtful, encouraging, supportive, and enthusiastic.

The suggested resources are spot on!

Heather is a facilitator of Miracles!


Ditched the Drink was just what I needed at the time in my life when I enrolled in the program. Heather and the classes have given me the insight that I needed, the courage to face my issues and the tools to be strong to make the best decisions for my life.

My relationship with alcohol has completely changed for the better and I have Ditched the Drink to thank for that.

I will be forever grateful!


Four weeks in!

I have not done this in over ten years.

The thing I kept telling me myself is, I don’t want a day one again…mostly that feeling. 

I have more energy, and I'm getting more things done that I wouldn’t usually do.

I am enjoying the class.

Heather definitely nails how people feel on a day to day basis and that helps a lot.