How to Prepare for Dry January


If you are like me and most of my clients you want to quit drinking but you want to wait and get through the holidays first. If you are thinking about addressing your relationship with alcohol, but putting it aside for now, and planning on doing something about it in the new year, I hear you. Are you feeling defeated almost daily by staying in the drinking cycle and continuing to not take action on a bad habit that is starting to take more than it gives? It doesn’t feel good to worry about your drinking incessantly and then do nothing about it. I know, I’ve been there. 


You might feel like you don’t have the capacity to completely abstain from alcohol this holiday season. You want to delay the endeavor for another better time in the future. A fresh start so to speak. I understand this. It is natural to resist change, especially such a big one like drinking. 


I personally think right now is always the best time to address and evaluate...

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Preparing For Dry January

dry january holidays Dec 31, 2022

What is Dry January? 

Dry January started in 2013 in the UK with Alastair Campbell, a columnist and political strategist, talking about his past drinking, and columnist Peter Oborne trying out the month off booze. 

In 2014 the University of Sussex started research on the benefits of Dry January and its lasting effects. 

The latest research from 2018 reports that Dry January participants are still drinking less in August. Nine in ten people save money, seven sleep better, and three in five lose weight from just taking a month off. 

In addition, there are benefits even for participants who don’t manage to stay alcohol free for the whole month, showing there are benefits just for trying to complete Dry January.

Should participate I participate in Dry January? 

Dry January is a movement for anyone who drinks alcohol. Some people participate as a detox from their excessive drinking that happens over the holidays. Others use the...

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Should Dry January be One of Your Corporate Wellness Challenges?

Alcohol is a ubiquitous part of our culture. Socializing with colleagues after work, the office holiday party, unwinding after an exhausting day—all of these occasions often revolve around drinking and can be awkward for people who don’t partake.

Until recently, that is.


A growing number of young adults recognize that, while drinking alcohol may be fun and relaxing in the moment, it is not risk-free, even for those who do not consider themselves to be problem drinkers. 

Even in moderate amounts, alcohol can damage our long-term and short-term physical and mental well-being. It can impair our ability to make good decisions and interfere in our relationships. If you’ve ever tried to work with a hangover, you know how a night of drinking can tank your productivity.

Younger generations care deeply about what they put into their bodies. To them, it only makes sense to think about the dangers of alcohol—a toxic substance for which the body has no...

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