From the 9-5 Grind to Becoming a Coach Working Part Time From Home

In 2019, I was one year sober and between jobs.

I was interviewing for new positions and about to get offers from some companies for similar roles that I had in the past. I sold HR solutions for most of my adult life. I was qualified for roles like this. Although I could do these jobs and I often do them very well, even receiving awards as a top performer of all time and achieving the highest status as a director for the highest producing team, they were not roles that made my heart sing. I was also laid off more than once, and even if it wasn't personal, the feeling of rejection sure felt traumatic to me. 

I always felt like something was missing. Was this it? My husband used to say going to work was never going to be as good as going on vacation, and although my jobs were mostly fine, I just had a hunch there was something better out there for me. These roles were good for my ego, my resume, and my bank account, but not so good for my soul. I never got so happy that I wanted...

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Why Paid Newsletters Are a Great Idea

I sent my first weekly newsletter in August of 2019. I had seven subscribers at the time. Two were myself using my other email addresses to populate the subscriber field and set the momentum. The others were my mom, my husband, and a few friends that I asked to add. I committed to writing a weekly newsletter for 4 ½ years with very few weeks off. Mainly, when I have been out of the country, I have missed a handful of weekly newsletters. With tons of organic effort, my subscribers list has grown greatly since 2019. My writing remains incredibly personal. 


I have always had the belief that writers should be paid. I pay for writing that moves me. This includes a Medium Membership, Substack Subscriptions, paid newsletters, great books, writing courses, writing coaches, writing classes, writers retreats, hearing writers speak, and more. I gladly pay for all of it. Each month when I open a paid newsletter, I think maybe this will be the month I cancel or weed out and...

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Reflections on Two Years Alcohol Free

On February 20, 2020 I am celebrating 2 years of sobriety.

Two years ago, I was just existing, robotically going through the motions of life.

Today I really living out my dreams and I look forward to nearly everything. 

My first year getting sober was absolutely epic.

I relearned how to do everything without alcohol. 

My second year was epic too.

I transformed from someone who was surviving without alcohol, to someone thriving, who was no longer even thinking about drinking. 

I didn't know this would be my life story, but I am so glad it is .

Let me to share the evolution with you. 

On Day 1 of year 2, I announced my sobriety online to my private Facebook Community.

This felt like a big coming out for me.

I agonized and stressed over carefully choosing the right words for a whole year. 

For the whole first year of getting sober, I was quietly, and privately working on being alcohol free from mostly the comfort of home.

The only people that knew my...

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