Are You Happy?

This is my happy place. 

And by THIS I mean sobriety.

I was on a walk yesterday. Walks are where I always have my deepest thoughts. I was thinking about my life. I was a happy go lucky young gal since birth.I know this from my mom’s reports and also I have picture proof of me with a big bald head and a jolly gummy smile.

I was meant to be happy. It was my most natural state of being. Unless there was discomfort, I felt good inside. I continued to have a sunny, upbeat, optimistic disposition about me, despite a few major bumps in my young life.


This automatically joyful girl changed around age 12. The same age I had my first sip of alcohol. How interesting that this went hand in hand. I didn’t drink because I felt good. I drank because I suddenly felt bad. I looked around and no one was as happy as me. I thought maybe I am not supposed to be happy. Maybe this is wrong. I am not supposed to be such a sunshine-y girl. No one likes me that way. I have to be...

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5 Biggest Mistakes to Avoid When Cutting Back on Alcohol

I am an expert in quitting drinking. I’ve done it a million times. That is why I am the perfect person to tell you about the mistakes I’ve made in trying to get sober. 


Not only that, I am also a Certified Professional Life and Recovery Coach, in addition to having an education in Social Work, a Certificate of Well Being from Yale University, and a Professional Certificate in Human Resources. I’ve got the professional training, credentials, and qualifications to share the sharpest insights on how to quit drinking and also what NOT to do.


I’ve been sober for over 5 years. I was unsuccessfully “quitting drinking” for 3 years prior to my last Day 1. I now see this as part of my success, even if it didn’t look like it at the time. I want to help expedite your quitting drinking process to save a lot of suffering and heartache. 


Being 5 years sober means, I am in “stable remission” from alcohol use...

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