Enjoying My Own Company

In sobriety I have found new hobbies and interests.

Drinking is no longer my only form of entertainment.

The automatic cure for my perpetual boredom when I was drinking, was obviously...drinking. 

I am no longer entertained by sitting on the couch for hours sipping a substance into oblivion.

Drinking was not an actual cure for boredom at all, but it was a distraction from not knowing what to do with myself.

Boredom is a first world problem, but that doesn’t make it less boring. 

The word boredom means lacking interest.

I was lacking interest in my whole life.

This was the real problem and boredom was just a symptom. 

Drinking created chaos in my mind and in my relationships, which in turn, gave me something to do. This added interest to my life and solved the boredom problem.  

Negative attention is still attention. Bad press is still press, as they say.

Drinking gave me bad press and attention.

Problem solved. 

Drinking was also an easy way to...

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