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Dear Big Alcohol, Shame on You, Little Eyes are Watching Me

Shame on you Big Alcohol.

How dare you market your poison to Mothers.

You are selling us a carefree afternoon with a crisp chardonnay in the sun.

You are selling us a sip to take the edge off a long day.

You are selling us relief from the high stress of parenting.

You are selling us deeper connections with our spouses.

You are selling us empowerment with each other. 

You are selling us glamour, luxury, and a vacation from the daily grind.

These are all the things we desire and none of it comes from alcohol.

You know that.

You know that you are selling lies.

Your lies take away our power and hurt our future generations.

It’s the worst thing you can do.

I don’t know how you sleep at night.

You suggest we need wine to help us parent.

You tell our kids we are drinking because of them.

I was sold, hook, line and sinker on your promises that never delivered. 

I was duped.

I drank your wine.

I sucked down that elixir and waited for the magic to happen.


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Alcohol Does Not Empower Women

Don’t you love a good female movie where the women revolt against their ordinary housewife lives and bond together to go do something adventurous? 

Me too!

Don’t you love a badass story about Mom’s who stop serving everyone else in their life and take back their right to prioritize their own self care? 

Hell yes. I love that. 

Don't you cheer along when women support each other and shock everyone by not smiling and nodding, but instead using their voices.

Bold, brave, and badass. 

When women go against the norm and speak up, speak out, and walk out too.

It’s so empowering! 

When women demand respect, pay raises, and power…

Major inspo! 

When women gather together for the sole purpose of fun, laugh, and play?


Yes, rage against the societal norms and expectations.

That is exactly what we all want.

It is exactly what every women wants when they feel alone in their own houses serving their families, and ignoring their...

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