How to Prepare for Dry July Right Now

How to Prepare for Dry July Right Now

You probably already know that taking a break from alcohol can offer numerous health benefits, from improved sleep and energy levels to better mental clarity and weight loss. Just like making any change, there is prep work involved before you get started. If you want to quit your job, you first update your resume, search for new opportunities, talk to a recruiter, ask for references and more. If you want to start a new nutrition plan, you download the menu and go to the grocery store. You prep your meals for the week. If you are starting a new fitness routine, you download an app or write out your exercises, you set your clothes out the night before a morning workout, you invest in new running shoes. 

You are not going to wake up on July 1 and successfully quit drinking without a little bit of prep work first. There is action you can take today to prepare for Dry July.

*If you want to start after the 4th of July holiday, that’s OK...

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