Top 7 Things I Learned About Mocktails


I participated in Drink Less Fest, an event put on by The Roaring Social and Charlotte Beverage Distribution, both organizations founded by Casey Dolan. 


Drink Less Fest combined non-alcoholic beverage brands with folks in hospitality and sober and sober curious locals. The afternoon was a transformative experience of holistic wellness and workshops. There was NA cocktail making with Ritual Zero Proof spirits and Mocksie craft mocktails from Wilmington. Food and wine pairing by winemaker, Rachel Martin of Oceano Zero, a premium alcohol removed wine, and a tasting tour by Laura Silverman of Zero Proof Nation. Dr. Brooke Scheller gave a nutritional workshop, and as founder of Ditched the Drink, I gave a presentation on Recovery-Friendly Workplaces.


The day concluded with a thought-provoking panel discussion, facilitated by me, an award winning sober coach and founder of  "Ditched the Drink" accompanied by Dr. Brooke Scheller author of, "How to Eat to...

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