The Social Media Comment that Lit a Fire Within (Full Rant) 🔥

alcohol free challenge Aug 05, 2021

A comment, I found to be incredibly condescending and offensive, was made on my Ditched the Drink Facebook page, by an acquaintance of mine.  


The post was about me wearing my sobriety out loud.

The picture was me (literally) wearing the words SOBER AF on my shirt.

If you follow me, you might recall this post.


The whole post was about how private and scared I was when I started this journey.

I shared how I didn’t always feel comfortable with my sober identity.

I didn’t always wear it so loud and proud.

I evolved into a sober advocate after many, many secret Day 1’s and “failed” attempts, that no one knew about. 


The intent of the post was for me to give compassion and encouragement to anyone who is sober today and not yet announcing it. 

Or maybe never announcing it, but quietly remaining sober. 

Thankfully, my message was received.

I believe stories heal. 

I appreciate people that recover out loud, but...

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Is Quitting Drinking Hard?

Is quitting drinking hard?

Yes it is. 

It’s excruciating at times. 

But you know what else is hard?  

Running a marathon.

Having a baby.

Completing a big project at home or at work.

And you know what else? 

They are all absolutely worth it. 

Anything worth anything is going to require effort and getting sober is no different.

It’s a huge accomplishment that doesn’t come easy. 

There’s a risk too.

What if your relationship to your partner changes?

What if you lose friends?

What if people find out?

What if some of your loved ones don’t understand?

What if you don’t want to do the things you are used to doing?

What if you change jobs?

What if you don’t fit in anymore?


All of these things happened to me.

Every single one. 


Endings are hard.

Really hard.



You know what else happened?

I learned to choose myself.


I learned my spouse loved me enough he was willing to...

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5 Reasons Why September is the Best Time to Take a Break from Booze

Change of Season

The cooler weather and shorter days are calling to wrap yourself in cozy solitude. This sweater weather reminds us to tuck in early, be introspective, and self soothe with quiet comforts. One main concern for people taking a break from alcohol is their social life. As the buzz of a social summer winds down, September is the perfect time to ditch the drink. The hygge lifestyle of fall encompasses a feeling of wellness and contentment. Being alcohol free aligns with wellbeing. As the weather changes, so can we. We look to nature to guide us. It’s a season of letting go. Like the leaves of a tree, we can release the things, like alcohol, that no longer serve us. We see the beauty in transformation of trees and serves as a reminder to us. Transformation is welcome. It’s ok to try something new. Let nature be your guide and try a break from booze.  

The Real New Year

The start of a school year is an invitation to get organized, start...

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