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Is Quitting Drinking Hard?

Is quitting drinking hard?

Yes it is. 

It’s excruciating at times. 

But you know what else is hard?  

Running a marathon.

Having a baby.

Completing a big project at home or at work.

And you know what else? 

They are all absolutely worth it. 

Anything worth anything is going to require effort and getting sober is no different.

It’s a huge accomplishment that doesn’t come easy. 

There’s a risk too.

What if your relationship to your partner changes?

What if you lose friends?

What if people find out?

What if some of your loved ones don’t understand?

What if you don’t want to do the things you are used to doing?

What if you change jobs?

What if you don’t fit in anymore?


All of these things happened to me.

Every single one. 


Endings are hard.

Really hard.



You know what else happened?

I learned to choose myself.


I learned my spouse loved me enough he was willing to change his life for me.

We met in a bar, and he had an end goal.

This was a vision of us traveling and partying up in our retirement together.

He still sees us doing that. 

We don’t need drinks for it, like we thought we did. 

We are happier, healthier and more connected now that I am sober.

We are better and stronger than before. 

We changed and it was the best thing that could happen to us.

I lost friends and I am misunderstood.

I learned that is ok.

I was often disappointed and begging for more. 

I freed myself from disappointment and let go of expectations. 

I started to allow and accept what honestly is, instead of forcing what I wanted it to be. 

This cleared the path for brand new friendships, rekindled old friendships, and a deeper dive with my inner circle.


I lost a job.  

It wasn’t my fault.

It wasn’t right for me.

It never was.

I wasn’t a fit for this job and it wasn’t the place for me.

Quitting drinking gave me the confidence to release my ego and align with my spirit.

 Is quitting drinking hard? 

Yes, yes it is.  

But it’s good hard. 

It’s the kind of hard that is earned.

The kind of hard that means growth and discomfort.

The rewards come and they are plenty. 

You know what’s harder than quitting drinking?

Spending every day wishing you could quit drinking.


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