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The Problem with Sobriety


It has taken me a long time to admit this, I was addicted to alcohol.  

To my inner circle, my addiction looked like drinking too much, too often.

Getting drunk too fast.

Passing out too quickly.

Getting sloppy, slurry, while the people around me were just starting a buzz.


To me, my addiction looked like disappointment.

An uncontrollable downward spiral that picked up velocity at every corner. 

It was a dirty secret to be hidden away.

A spill to be cleaned up quickly, before it became a stain.


To most people, my addiction looked like someone who never drank too much.

Someone who had it all together, someone who could moderate.

I drank around other people and I also drank alone. 


Alcohol is an addictive substance that creates dependence and changes the brain. 

I didn’t see myself as an addicted person, until after I got out of it.

I think this is true for most people.


I was a loud happy drunk at times.

I was sad,...

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Quitting Alcohol Required Changing My Whole Life (for the better)

joyful sobriety Jun 09, 2021


I’m in my 4th year of sobriety.

It was painful to get out from under the grip of alcohol dependence.

Time and space from alcohol has changed me, my values, and my priorities. 

I am a different person today, than I was on my last Day 1. 

I continue to choose to live alcohol free every day.

I have no desire to drink alcohol anymore.

I thought being sober was going to be sad and boring.

I thought I would always feel like I was missing out.

I expected to be jealous of friends that were still drinking. 


I am happy to report, that is not at all how I feel. 

I do not feel like I am missing out on anything.

Sobriety does not feel like deprivation to me, it feels like a gift.

Not only am I not drinking, I also do not want to drink.


Sobriety feels like  the world’s best kept secret.

It feels like the ultimate super power.

I no longer seek outside myself for comfort. 

I have everything I need within.

There is so much freedom that...

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