Bachelorette Winner Zac Clark Reveals the Upside to Life in Recovery

Uncategorized Dec 23, 2020

Zac Clark, the final rose recipient, and fiance of recent Bachelorette, Taysia Adams,  is the best addition to The Bachelor  family.  Zac represents a bright light for the recovery community.

I personally can't thank Zac enough for sharing the upside to a life of recovery.

It was a whirlwind adventure of going nowhere, in this unprecedented season of The Bachelorette on the grounds of La Quinta Resort.

Dare I say, it was also one of the most dramatic seasons ever?

The best part of this season, in my opinion, was Zac Clark.

He was not only there for the right reasons, he was a role model of life in recovery.

Zac shined a light on all the best qualities people in recovery have to offer.

Taysia noticed immediately, “he’s different.”

He is different and isn’t that wonderful? 

In a Bachelor world of sameness, Taysia was able to find someone truly unique. 

It is different to choose a life of sobriety, in a world that romanticizes and promotes alcohol as the cure all for celebration, relaxation, and good times. 

Anyone living a life in recovery, knows how to go against the grain, and smash the status quo.

This kind of confidence is one reason why people in recovery have something extra special to offer the world. 

Secondly, like many of us, Taysia’s biggest fear in relationships ,was having someone run away when things get tough. 

Zac so clearly articulated that his sobriety and recovery were his top priority. 

What that means is he doesn’t run.

Sobriety taught him to stay,

Through recovery, he is able to face issues head on. 


This is everything. 

This speaks to Zac resilience and maturity. 

When Taysia asked for a “grown ass man”, Zac delivered beyond measure. 

I am so grateful for Zac in his ability and willingness to recover outloud.

This vulnerability creates a safe place for others to recover out loud too.

Zac is a shining example of how you can lose your inhibitions and live a vivid life without any substances altering your state of being.

He displayed exactly how to live a lush life full of adventure, humor, and fun, just by being himself.

All too often as a society, we view sobriety as a life of deprivation. 

I have found it to be nothing of the sort. 

I can’t imagine another contestant getting messier with body paint, or having the courage and a free spiritness to jump into a fountain. 

Zac shows that being free is fun. 

Being alcohol and drug free is a total blast. 

As I share in my blog, it takes being both Wild and Free, for the optimal, whole, human experience. 

Relying on nothing external for your joy and happiness is the ultimate in badassery.

Zac showed us exactly that on this season of The Bachelorette.

Because of Zac’s history, his relationship with his own family was strengthened. 

You could feel the intimacy and love of his family right through the screen. 

The way he talked to Taysia’s Dad, showed his respect for the man that raised the women he fell in love with.

The way he told Taysia how happy his mom was he found happiness with her, just proved how much he values family.

Zac’s family values seemed to hold even more importance because he understands through good times and bad.

Zac gets thison a very personal and serious level.  

Finally, as Taysia stated Zac had been “through hell and back.”

Isn’t this the kind of hero you want in your ring?  

Or in this case, to give you a ring? 

Taysia made a great choice in committing to someone who has the ability to overcome tough times.

Thank you Zac for your bravery in sharing your recovery story with the world. 

As Taysia can attest, she got the final prize when she gave you the final rose.

Congratulations to the happy couple. We are all rooting for you! 

For information on how you can Ditch the Drink and live a life of freedom and adventure visit for information on the recovery community Zac founded visit


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