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Uncategorized Apr 03, 2019

One fear I had about quitting drinking was that I would be bored, or worse yet…boring. I have a party girl image and I like to have a good time. Below is an actual list of things I did my first year sober. I am wildly impressed that I was able to replace sitting on my couch in shame guzzling wine with so many more interesting experiences and adventures that contribute to looking good and feeling good too. This list beats nasty hangovers, painful depression, and hopelessness every day of the week. A few of these things I did half ass while drinking, most of these things I would have never done at all when wine was my only hobby, interest, and top priority. Do you want to get started on your list?




Ran a 10K

Got my bike tuned up and rode again for the first time in years

Started playing tennis for the first time in a decade!

Glo Run 5K, night run with my daughter in downtown Chicago

Daily walks with the dog, sunset walks being my favorite

Tried Aerial yoga, which made me feel like a sexy secret stripper, thank you very much

Downloaded a trail app and hiked and explored a handful of waterfalls in my area

Hot Chocolate Run 15K - my time was 1 minute 40 seconds faster per mile than the year before when I was hungover

Horseback riding in the Rocky Mountains

Completed KettleBell training at the gym

Started Cross country skiing, which I hadn’t done since Spring Break circa 1997



Flock of SeaGulls

Pink (#1)

Local country music

Tom Petty cover band

Salt n Pepa and more at outdoor 90’s concert!

Sarah McLachlan at Red Rocks (with besties in a lightening storm, absolute magic, I cried)

Rolling Stones cover band


Counting Crows (as good as ever)


Home Improvement:

Steam Cleaned carpets

Painted Grandfather clock

Painted living room/redecorated

Cleaned windows inside and out

Framed and hung pictures I have had sitting around for years

Painted vintage desk for my daughter’s room

Painted the deck

Yard work and landscaping

Basement re do, painted, replaced ceiling tiles, cleaned out toys a created a teenage hangout

Redid daughter’s room, cleaned, painted, added new curtains, and bedding


Self Care:



Daily devotional


Essential oils

Got rid of nicotine lozenge habit

Started eating better, Whole 30 Diet experiment

Spent a day at Sundara Spa

Spent a day at Naples Grande Spa


In the kitchen:

Homemade dog treats

Bundt cakes: cinnamon, pistachio,  and lemon

Banana bread

Energy bites

Hot Chocolate Bar

Christmas cookie decorating party

Carved my first pumpkin in years




Early mornings

Working out on vacation

The ocean in Florida

Watching all the Oscar movies

A Waterpark

Broadway- Mamma Mia, Dear Evan Hansen

Frozen on Ice with my nephew

Eating the food at parties like a chili cook off. I would have never participated in eating when I was drinking.

I joined the Arboretum, finding my happy place right by my home.

I took a Sunset cruise alone in Florida and it was magical!

I also went to the Naples Botanical Garden with my baby niece for a day and loved it.

Found a hidden talent, shooting a gun! Surprised me to be so good at Trap Shooting! Would make my Dad proud!




I read 41 Books in 2018 vs an average of 7 all the years prior

Painting pottery

Chicago Field Museum

Lincoln Museum

I learned new card games like Skip Bo and Canasta

Good for the world:

Volunteer and Committee Chair for an organization that helps the homeless

I learned to apologize, like for real

Completed Make A Wish Training, and became a certified Wish Granter

We got our Will updated, signed and notarized. Big accomplishment!

Attended an event that provides service dogs for the blind, ate dinner blindfolded!

I addressed a minor medical issue that included getting a liver test for the prescription. I would have had so much anxiety about this if I was drinking. But I am not drinking, I was able to address it and everything turned out fine.

I am becoming a plant lady. I have 5 plants that are thriving and purifying the air around me. More to come!

I stopped using plastic bags completely. I substituted wool dryer balls for dryer sheets and I am working on using reusable ziplocks and using my own stainless steel straws

I switched to all natural deodorant, cleaning supplies, and body wash


Sober car pool and leaving the house after dark.

Not nursing hangovers, and instead fully present while visiting with both of my Grandmas

Weekend sleepover with Grandma

Calling my ill Aunt and having the most honest 2 hour conversation of our lifetime

Attended a big family party that I would have blown off if I was drinking

Became a better listener and a more generous person

Role model for my kids

Deeper connection with hubs

Improvement in all my friendships, because I have something to give, its not all about me

My inner circle doesn’t have to waste time worrying about me anymore



Whiten teeth

spray tan

eyebrows waxed


Tried Botox (!)

hair masks

face masks



Learned to contour makeup

Tried Cryotherapy

New daily makeup routine


Published writing

Created Website

Creating Digital Sober Course

Became a Certified Life Coach

Starting a company

Working in alignment with my highest self instead of going through the motions of jobs I hate to do


On the calendar

Zac Brown Band

10 day trip to Africa

SheRecovers Creating Connections Event in Chicago this weekend!


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