Workplace Alcohol Free Wellness Challenge

Uncategorized Jun 22, 2019

You want your workforce to optimize peak performance.

You want to hire candidates that are on top of their game.

You look for employees that bring energy, initiative and creative solutions to complex problems.

You want a physically and mentally healthy workforce.

You reward your employees by serving alcohol at happy hours, client dinners, and appreciation events. Alcohol negatively affects energy, creativity, and health = all the things you want for and from your employees.

I invite you to consider an alcohol free workplace challenge. The results have already been proven. Improved relationships, better health, increased confidence, better sleep, and increased mental energy.

You already know the effects from drinking alcohol are low level depression, poor sleep, mental hangover fog, and negative physical consequences, just to name a few.

Why not give your employees a reason to take a break?

The truth is most people need an excuse not to drink because of social and business pressure.

Hosting a workplace sober challenge creates a safe environment for everyone to evaluate their relationship with drinking. Not to mention making it easier on the employees that already don’t drink due to being in recovery, being on medication, religious, health, diet, or any other reason.

Quitting drinking isn’t just for alcoholics. Anyone who drinks can benefit from a period of going alcohol-free. Taking a break to explore the role alcohol is playing in your life is a very positive choice to be embraced. You can always go back to drinking, in a way that feels comfortable to you.

There are a million ways you can support an alcohol free challenge in the workplace. By suggesting employees experience the challenge together they will already have the support of each other.

Organizations will save money by offering sparkling water instead of booze, you add to your bottom line.

An Alcohol Free Workplace Wellness Challenge directly supports an engaged and healthy workforce.

Join me in July for my Sober Boost 6 week digital course in helping professionals across the county take a 6 week break and Ditch the Drink!


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