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alcohol free holidays May 06, 2021

My first sober Cinco de Mayo was something to anticipate and get through.

Something to white knuckle and endure or tolerate.


Cince de Mayo was another milestone drinking holiday that I was about to do sober for the first time.

Similar to St. Patrick’s Day.


I always drank on these occasions. 

Sometimes I drank with certain people or ate certain foods. 


How could I possibly get through this sober?

I was twitchy.

I probably started anticipating Cinco de Mayo on Cinco de April, if you know what I mean.


I was so full of nerves, fear and anticipation of everything.

I lived like a live wire.

A masseuse literally told me that once, and he was right. 


On my first sober holidays, I tried to do all my same activities, just sans alcohol.

It wasn’t all that fun, tbh.


My alcohol free life has changed over the years.

This was my biggest fear in getting sober. 

That everything would change. 

I didn’t want anything to change. 

I wanted everything to stay the exact same, except for me to control my alcohol better.


I was so miserable, how I could have possibly wanted this is beyond me!

We cling to what is familiar, even if it is miserable, don’t we? 


This year at over 3 years sober, Cinco de Mayo is just Wednesday May 5th. 


I don’t say that to sound boring.

Quite the opposite actually.


I don’t have to wait for a commercialized alcohol induced holiday to start the fun.


My life is fun. 

My everyday is fun.


I am never waiting until...then... 

...for the good times to roll.


The good times start rolling when I open my eyes every morning.


I set myself up for joy and pleasure every single Wednesday.

This one is no different.


The same is true for National Wine Day, National Margarita Day, Drink Beer Day or whatever Day it is declared to be.


The internet used to determine when my daily drinking would take a more normalized and festive look. 


The truth was, I was drinking from the same bottles each day of the week.


I added tortilla chips or charcuterie, maybe? to make it normal.

But really, I was a drinker, drinking.


This year I learned what Cinco de Mayo actually represents. 

Thanks to


Then, I learned how I can participate in the Americanized version of Cinco de Mayo by shopping at Latinx-owned restaurants and businesses (year round). 


I ate tacos, because we do that at least once or twice a week anyway, but I added a cold Topo Chico as a festive drink before taking my daughter to soccer practice. 


My husband and my dog joined me and we took a 3 mile walk around a pond, while the sun was setting, before picking my daughter back up.


Before kids, my husband and I walked together every night.

We even got engaged on our special walking path.


It had been a long time since we had taken a sunset walk together and it was very sweet to remember the early days of our 20+ year relationship. 


I ended the night as I always do, with special moments with my daughters. 

Tucked in my bed in fancy pajamas, fully moisturized (😆 ), with and a good book.


When my eyes get tired, I listen to my meditation course and look forward to a good, full  night’s sleep (totally underrated while drinking).

I wake up to start the day with yoga, followed by the steam room and sauna at my fancy gym/spa.


I look forward to everything tomorrow because I am a business owner.

I coach the most amazing, triumphant, clients working towards ditching the drink.

I can’t wait to connect with each of them. 

It thrills me to be a support on their journey.


I am the luckiest mom, of two incredible teenage daughters. 

I want to soak them up, as they are growing way too fast.

I am so happy to greet the day with them still home with me.

I wake up next to a really sweet guy who always supports me being me, and says good morning to check in with me first thing every day, 


Tomorrow is my card club night where I laugh my ass off with my friends. 

I am hosting.

I have the best snacks planned.


If you are new to ditching the drink, and you survived your first Cinco de Mayo sober, congrats!

If you didn’t enjoy it, that’s ok.


You will start to set up a life that doesn’t include waiting to drink.

There is so much more fun and freedom to be had when you don’t build your life around alcohol. 


I’d love to help you get there! 

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