Warning: Yoga and Meditation may result in Spontaneous Laughter

Uncategorized Mar 03, 2019

I attended a yoga class this morning in a new studio. Prior to class starting, I went to the front desk to sign up and pay for the introductory 2 week special. The owner told me the first class was free. She went on to explain that this was not an exercise class, but instead this was a spirit class. She didn’t want the energy of anyone feeling resentful that they weren’t getting what they signed up for floating in the room.

Little did she know. I was thrilled. And these words already sold me on my return.

The class was beautiful and meditative. The theme was letting go. This phrase was repeated through out the class and I thought about what that meant to me.

In Warrior 2 pose it meant, letting go of insecurities. I was bold and strong in my form which translated to having a strong faith and belief in myself for the first time as I embark on a new professional path.

In Tree Pose, letting go meant not being afraid to fall out of the pose. I let my branches grow tall and I swayed. I lifted my leg up higher. Perhaps most impressive of all…I fell out of the pose. I shook it off and did it again The second time, I was able to balance in a full expression of the pose. Every tree pose in every class before I have kept myself small. I have been too afraid to mess up, make a mistake, or fall out of balance. On this day, I allowed myself to fall (fail?) in order to achieve my biggest and fullest expression of the pose. I took this metaphor to heart as I build a new business.

The best result of this yoga class however, happened after class I was driving with my kids and I accidentally ran over a curb making a turn in my big Mom car, and I saw the kids bounce in the rear view mirror. This occurrence led to tears of laughter streaming down my face for no real reason. Then the kids joined in on my laughter, because it was contagious. This spontaneous laughter was the best release of the day. Normally, I am like a flower bud wound up tight, in my own head filled with anxiety. After this yoga class, I was out of my mind and into spirit self, able to let go and bloom.

Yoga, of course, is not about the pose. Yoga is about our response to the pose. Today I bloomed.


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