The Nutritional Value of Alcohol Is None

I just saw a post by a nutritionist saying you can drink alcohol and still lose weight. 

Her profile says she’s a wellness coach and nutritionist whose main goal is to help people feel good about themselves. 

She’s proof because she reports that she has been doing this all her life. 

By the looks of her supermodel swimsuit profile picture, its working!

If drinking alcohol and losing weight is your goal, surely you can find a way to do both. 

However, why would a nutritionist be suggesting this? 

If you want to lose weight even faster, you can try cocaine! 

Cocaine is full of appetite suppressing qualities. 

This sounds absurd for a nutritionist to suggest, doesn’t it? 

A nutritionist suggesting anyone keep drinking a poison and also lose weight, sounds just as absurd to me. Just because alcohol is the most widely used drug, doesn’t take away from the fact that it is indeed a drug. Just because it is a legal drug, doesn’t take away from the fact that it is indeed a drug. 

Cigarettes are legal too, and can contribute to weight loss.

When is the last time you heard a nutritionist tell you how to lose weight while smoking?

This sounds ridiculous. Because it is. 

Alcohol has zero essential nutrients and it is not a necessary part of anyone’s diet. 

It is in fact, classified as a drug and considered a poison. 

This means it can cause illness or death and our body knows that. 

This is why the body reacts to alcohol by using all systems to get it back out, and rid itself of the toxicity.

Alcohol is a dangerous substance to consume even at low levels.  

About one in every 12 adults abuse alcohol or are alcohol dependent. 

The potential to become addicted is a serious problem for anyone who consumes alcohol.

You do not need to be an alcoholic for alcohol to have a negative effect on your health and life. 

The dangers of alcohol on the body functions aren’t saved just for alcoholics. 

Drinking alcohol at any level causes nutritional deficiencies in the body. There are numerous vitamins that aren’t able to be absorbed, digested, or used properly due to alcohol consumption. 

Alcohol is virtually the only item at the grocery store that is not required to have a nutrition label. Bottled water is mandated to have a nutrition label, but alcohol is not. 

This is because alcohol is not regulated by the FDA and instead by the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax Trade Bureau. 

Essentially, we have no idea what we are drinking. 

We study the labels and buy organic when it comes to everything else but alcohol. 

Why the disconnect? Perhaps, because if alcohol had the Mr.Yuck poison sticker on it, less money would be made by Big Alcohol. 

The Mayo Clinic reports even moderate drinking is not risk free. 

You would not ask a nondrinker to add alcohol to their diet for any health benefits. 

So despite the fact that alcohol is not a health food and does nothing for your health or nutrition, this coach's main goal is to help you feel good about yourself. 

How does alcohol contribute to helping you feel good about yourself?
Has anybody ever woken up and wished they had drank more to feel better?

Has anybody ever build their inner confidence by having drinks? Sure there is liquid courage and it is usually followed by shame and regret. Has anyone ever come out of addiction, wishing they could go back to the good old days when they were addicted and feeling better about themselves? I haven’t heard of anyone who found a deeper meaning, spiritual purpose, or self love by continuing to ingest poison. 

Consuming alcohol is a choice for adults to make, and I am not here to judge everyone who has a drink. 

I am here to share an alternative thought, that despite what we like to make alcohol out to be, and as much as we want to glamourize it and protect it, it is a drug that does harm on everyone’s physical and mental health. The more we consume the more harm it does. 


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