The Magic Elixir

Want to level up your life? I can help.

What if I told you that you could have all this just by giving up one thing. 

Would you be willing to do it? 

Giving up this one thing will save you money. 

You will look better. 

The results are proven, 

Your skin will become clear and bright. 

Your overall health will improve. 

Every system in your body will run better and age slower. 

Your productivity will improve. 

You will have more energy, clarity and focus.

Your mood will be more positive. 

Your mental health will improve and feelings of depression and anxiety will decrease. 

You will sleep better. 

Your fitness levels will increase. 

You will have improved relationships with yourself and others. 

Your confidence will grow.

The gray matter in your brain will grow, making you smarter.

You will lose weight. 

Saying no this one thing, will have you saying yes to so much more. 

You will free your headspace, and have less stress.

You will lower your risk for cancer and other ailments.

Changing this one habit will easily change other habits you’ve been working on. 

The people that give this up have the largest brains of anyone. 

You could be one of them. 

If I could sell these results in a pill, you would buy it.

You don’t need to. 

You can do this on your own.

All you have to do is give up alcohol. 

The magic elixir that is sold as a relaxing, fun, is simply not true.

The proven science is that alcohol increases anxiety, and depression.

It increases health risks in all areas. 

It ruins your sleep, your looks, your relationships, career, and finances, even in moderate amounts. 

Can you let it go? 

It was hard for me. 

We live in a society that idolizes and glamorizes alcohol as key to happiness.

Can you imagine a large, juicy, adventurous life without it? 

I can, because I am living it, and you can too. 

It’s not easy to give up alcohol, but it is possible and it is so worth it. 

No one ever wishes they drank more. 

Take a break and see for yourself. 

You can always go back to drinking.

I offer a 6 week, private, online class to guide you, as well as 1x1 coaching support.

If you’ve been questioning how drinking might not be helping you, you’re right. 

Drinking negatively affects all areas of your health and life. 

Letting it go of alcohol is not easy.

The best thing to do is find someone who has done it and ask for help. 

Call me for a Free 20 Minute Discovery call and I can help you ditch the drink and get everything you want in life. 


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