The Best Gifts this Holiday Season

This year, more than ever perhaps, the negative effects of consuming too much alcohol are coming to light.

A study by JAMA Network found heavy drinking among women is up 41% from 2019 - 2020. Alcohol related deaths have also increased. Excessive drinking increases one’s risk for anxiety, depression, suicide, seven different types of cancer, stroke, and heart disease. 

Alcohol has been an easy “go to” holiday gift for business contacts, neighbors, teachers, and hosts.

 Enjoy these healthier alternatives to gifting this holiday season. 


Why not treat someone special to some pampering? Bath bombs, face masks, sugar scrubs, and more. The nudge for time alone will feel like a complete luxury for anyone who’s been wearing all the hats this year. Luxurious spa products are a great step in the right direction. 


Tis’ the season for fuzzy socks, cozy pajamas, and soft blankets. You can find these items in any price range. Giving the gift of comfort will be much appreciated all season long. 


How about a hot chocolate kit? Complete with peppermint marshmallows or caramel syrup? Add a cute mug to match and you’ve got an ideal gift basket for anyone. Coffee or a variety of syrups and jams are sweet gifts too. Pancake and cookie mixes or roasted nuts are wonderful gifts to receive. 

4- Learn

Books are always a great gift that keep on giving. We could all use a break from screen time these days. Permission to cuddle up with a good book is a perfect way to spend a slow afternoon. There is truly something for everyone in the book category. From top fiction, handcrafted journals, or even personalized photo books. With a bit of thought ,you can find a book for anyone on your list.

5 - Time

The gift of experience. Gift cards and homemade coupons to spend time together are my favorite gifts to receive. You might have to get creative this year.  Driving around to look at lights, making candy cane milkshakes, or exploring a new trail with a winter hike are simple ideas any loved one will appreciate. 

6- Local Art

You can search your local Facebook pages for unique and customized gifts. Maybe someone in your community has maple syrup, cupcakes, or art for sale. I found a local artisan to make a charcuterie board and it has become the envy of all my friends. Gifting art and supporting locals are great ways to lift spirits this season. Of course you could always make something yourself. A gift from the heart is always the best gift.

Although it might be easy and tempting to send a bottle of wine, there are many healthier, more creative, and more thoughtful ways to treat the people you care about this season.


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