Gift Guide for the Sober Gal

Uncategorized Nov 25, 2022

Welcome to the Ditched the Drink Gift Guide!

I am so excited to share some fun ideas for the sober babes in your life. Yourself included. 

* Many things made by Sober Babes themselves. I added the price, but it could have changed, and most likely in your favor.


Stocking Stuffers

I love a good DIY manicure. Funny Bunny is my current favorite polish. You’ll thank me for introducing you to this perfect white. It’s not chalky and doesn’t look like White Out (are you are old enough to know what that is or did I just age myself?) My daughter taught me a trick and that’s to do a coat of Funny Bunny under a light pink, like Ballet Slipper Pink color polish. It makes a difference and gives me the perfect natural pink, that’s matte and not transparent. Big Apple Red is the perfect red that looks good on every single skin tone. Highly recommended for some holiday pizazz. 


I love this Sober Morse Code Bracelet. Such a great secret reminder to have on everyday. 


If you’ve rolled your eyes at the socks that say “Send Wine”, then you’ll love these Sober AF Socks with 5 star reviews. Go ahead and put your feet up. 


These cozy Winter Socks are adorable too. I bought a pack to add to my girlfriend's gifts. They are so affordable and super cute.


My kids and I are obsessed with these stylish Blue light glasses. You might already know that I wear mine as my alter ego when I write. I want that librarian/author look. I am the only person in both sides of my family to not have glasses, so I have to pretend.


What to Wear?

I recommended these Softies to a friend and she’s called them life changing. They are also one of Oprah’s favorite things. My friend appreciated them while sitting with her mom at the hospital. I just wore mine for a holiday road trip. They are the perfect loungewear that didn’t have me looking like I was in pajamas while getting gas station snacks, but were comfortable enough to feel like pajamas. They have been through several washings. It is worth the extra cost for the best fabric. Soft and cozy, but not too hot. 


These pajamas on the other hand are a great value. I am a pajama connoisseur and very picky. Some aren’t soft enough. Some pill quickly after washing. Many of the button holes stretch out so I am always having to rebutton the top. Some shrink. Some are too short in the arms and legs. I could go on and on about my pajama complaints and requirements. These make my list. I have bought matching pairs for many ladies in my life. Many of my client’s have purchased them also, and all have given a 5 star review. We like to call them our sober suit. In the early days of sobriety, we get into them to mark ourselves safe, as soon as possible each evening. They pair nicely with a cup of Candy Cane Lane Tea served in this mug.

Another sober suit option is this Sober dignified woman tee, made by sober artist friend (and dignified woman) Tammi Salas. I love the colors.  If it’s chilly in your area consider this sassy hoodie. Or maybe a Trucker Hat from my friend Jenn at SoberSis for bad hair days, or holiday hair, who cares? Whatever you choose, feel confident wearing your sober super power with pride!



This Festive AF pillow was not made for the sober community, but I couldn’t help myself. 

This Sober AF Soy Candle would make a great gift. A sprinkle of snark and a portion of the proceeds going to empowering women. You might want to buy Anxiety Girl and Holiday Family Gatherings too. 

This Custom Illustration would  make the best gift, along with Filled with Feelings Tote. Both were created by my sober friend Amanda. You may know her on Instagram, as The Sober Illustrator. She's so talented. A customized portrait of a pet would make the best gift!



Nothing says Sober not Boring like these Sheet Faced Masks. I love keeping my sense of humor about my drinking problem/solution. I think a great gift is a Make up bag. In the past, I’ve bought them for my father in law (and called it a dopp kit). I've purchased customized bags from Etsy for my daughters, because I love seeing their names on anything. This sobriety bag would be a cute wrapping for jewelry, or a gift all on its own.  

For smelling amazing you have to check out the cheeky Bad Ass Bitch Blends by Natalie Fairbrook. They smell so good. She has great varieties like Calm your Tits, and Straighten Your Crown. I also splurged on this fancy Luxury Shower Gel from London that makes me feel like the Queen. It smells like black pepper and that may sound weird but it is incredibly handsome and I don’t know why but it makes me feel expensive and British and I love it. 


In full disclosure, I don’t have this Aromatherapy wrap yet, but it is on my list and was recommended by someone I trust. It sounds so comforting. 




You know I have an article with 29 Books About Recovery. It’s not even all inclusive. The Naked Mind by Annie Grace, an amazing book isn’t even included. I love reading. My Gift Guide would not be complete without a few books. 


This Side of Alcohol by Peggi Coonely. She tells it like it is with grit and humor. I was lucky enough to meet the authors of these two books this year Find your Unicorn Space and Book of Boundaries. They are not specific to sobriety, but important self development nonetheless. Two other books include a the Decidedly Dry Journal, and Sober Coloring Book. 




There’s no reason you can’t enjoy festive drinks, the only thing missing is alcohol. My top three choices this season are:  Gruvi Beer and Wine Variety Pack, Lyre's ready made AF cocktails, probiotic Cosmo mocktail


Cheers to a great holiday season!


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