In Praise of Doing Nothing

rest sober af sober coach Jun 26, 2023

As part of an Add 2, Subtract 2 Summer Challenge with my INSIDER Membership I completed one of my subtraction tasks. Subtracting everything for one day a month. What I mean by that is having no expectations, to do lists, plans, or chores for one day each month of the summer. A “Do Nothing Day”. 


I understand many people would not need a “challenge” to take a day off, but I do. I am a high achieving, over functioning, extroverted, people pleaser and it is not in my nature to give myself a break. Ironically, I have to be challenged to do it. I have to give myself some sort of competition to sit still.  


It started on Saturday night when I went to the gym. This used to be a sad thing for me, in early sobriety. The gym is very empty on Saturday nights. I assume because people have friends, plans and better things to do. In my early sobriety, I had few friends, no plans, and nothing better to do. I sometimes felt sorry for myself for being one of the losers at the gym on a Saturday night. 


I don’t feel that way anymore. I caught the tail end of a Vegas style party time on the rooftop pool with the club music pumping before everyone left their drinks and towels to get ready for their evening. It was nice and quiet as I finished reading and watched the sunset. I was nearly alone on the pool deck before heading in for my work out. I did a quick treadmill workout, while listening to an inspiring podcast and then enjoyed the sauna, steamroom, and shower all to myself. Ahh. I left in clean, comfy clothes and wet hair. As soon as I got home, I tucked myself into bed. 


Sunday morning I woke up with the house to myself. A rare and glorious moment. I drank coffee and wrote. Writing is my favorite thing to do alone in a quiet house. The Universe was giving me a download, I wrote about it here. I had time and space to reflect, heal, and grow. From there I listened to nostalgic music and started roasting vegetables for an orzo salad. I did two loads of laundry and went through a pile of mail left on the counter. I know this might sound like chores to many of you, but I was catching up from vacation and it felt good to get my life sorted out in this way. I like to clean and organize. I like to putter. 


I spent the rest of the day reading a book. I read a whole book in one day. I watched a little TV before bed. I did a tiny bit of work. I never got dressed. I didn’t do my hair or put on any makeup. I just let myself be. I napped. I ate delicious healthy food and some cookies too. I ate when I was hungry. I pet my dog. I didn’t give myself a guilt trip for not doing anything. I barely went outside. I didn’t shame myself for it. I let myself be. The ultimate reset. Highly recommend it.


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