National Sober Day

Happy National Sober Day! 


I celebrate today because I am 3 ½ years sober. 

I am a Certified Professional Life and Recovery Coach, and a Certified Facilitator of Addiction Awareness.


I wasn’t always so enthusiastic about ditching the drink. 


Believe me, sober was the last resort for me.

I tried everything I could to keep drinking.


I successfully completed 3 years worth of sober challenges. 

I participated in Dry January, Sober October, Dry July, and more. 


All of these experiments were to prove that I could keep alcohol in my life.


Afterall, if I COULD quit drinking, then I didn’t really HAVE to quit drinking.


Time and time again, I had a long term failure to moderate.

At the time I thought moderation was my biggest life goal.


Now that seems too small for me.


Why would I want to live by a set of rules.

Why would I want to abstain and never get as much as I really want? 


Being sober has been the best surprise of my life. 


Getting sober was the gateway to living my best life.

It was the first domino in addressing all my areas of pain and discomfort.


Getting sober taught me how to LIVE.


I am not kidding. 


Before sobriety, I was just going through the motions of my life, brushing the surface.


I am now in a deep dive with being ALIVE.


Feeling my feelings wholeheartedly.

Loving my people fully, including myself.

Accepting the sound of my own breath,

and the beat of my own heart without fear.

Finding absolute magic in the everyday circumstances of my life.

Softening my rough and rigid edges.

Chasing down everything I ever wanted,

and everything I ever dreamed for myself.


I thought a sober life was going to be a life of deprivation.

Boy, was I wrong.


If a party girl like me can live a juicy, adventurous sober life, so can you!


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