I'm Never Drinking Again

It’s ok to start over.


I just have to share that. 


Especially with drinking.


If you’ve tried to quit before and it didn’t work…

...it’s ok to start again.


If you changed your mind or had some success or had no success…

...it’s ok to start over.


Every moment is a chance to start new.


There was a study of athletes that were both equally talented, but one was more successful than the other. 


It came down to the successful one being able to rest his mind and let it go.


If you have struggled and tried and failed and found yourself back in the drinking loop, 

(maybe even worse off than you were before you attempted to quit)... 

...it is ok to start again.


Everyone  I know that successfully quit drinking...

...started by unsuccessful attempts at quitting drinking.


Just because you haven’t done it yet, doesn’t mean you can’t do it.


It means you are on your way to doing it.


It means success is around the corner.


It means keep trying, do not give up on yourself.


It means you are getting closer.


You have learned some things that work and some things that don’t.

You see where you need to add more support.


This is not a linear journey.

There is no one right way.

There is only the way that will work for you.


Some good starting points are:

remove the alcohol from your home (set yourself up for success) 

tell someone you trust that you need support (surrender and get accountability)

write down your goal (commit, and know when to celebrate)


Then you’ll need to learn ways to cope with uncomfortable emotions that will undoubtedly arise.


Journal your thoughts and feelings

Create an exercise routine

Find a community, coach, therapist, sponsor, or mentor to reach out to

Reward yourself for doing the hard work and managing cravings


You can do it, and even if you are waking up hungover today, you can start right now. 

It is never too late. 

There is no limit on second chances. 

It takes as long as it takes.


Reach out if I can help!


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