How do you want to leave quarantine?

How do you want to come out of this quarantine? 

I think it is helpful to keep your end goal in mind. 

You are presented with an opportunity to learn about yourself. 

You can day drink, sleep in, get lazy at your job, neglect your parenting duties. 

You can use this time as an excuse to skip workouts and eat what you want. 

You can binge on Netflix. 

You can soothe the discomfort of sitting in silence with online shopping, alcohol, porn, or whatever vice takes you away from the moment. 

You can forego hygiene, beauty, and self care routines. 

You can stay up late. 

You can come out of quarantine more tired, sick, bloated, antsy, and wound up than before. 

That is your choice. 

Or you can use this time to take care of you. 

You can spend time with yourself getting to know yourself. 

You can find what is your energy calling for today, and then give yourself what you desire.

You can find new ways to move your body.

You can pay attention to how your body feels. 

Do you need a fast run or do you need to slow stretch and to simply send your breath to the nooks and crannies of your body?

You can implement extra self care routines.

Longer baths, more sleep, taking time to look in the mirror, both figuratively and literally. 

Use the good lotion, change the ambiance, tidy the drawer. 

You can use the extra time to create meals that nourish your body and leave you feeling good.

You can use the space to journal through the difficult feelings that will arise. 

You can find new ways to connect with loved ones.

You can rely on old ways to banish boredom, puzzle, painting, and bread making. 

You can come out of quarantine, healthier, well rested, more knowledgeable about yourself. 

You can use this time to strengthen your resolve instead of weaken it. 

You can pick up a new hobby, a new instrument, a new skill. 

This is only temporary.

How do you want to walk out when it's over?

The choice is yours.


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