Dry January Benefits Everyone

Uncategorized Dec 23, 2020

This year (more than ever perhaps?), we’ve turned to alcohol to cope.

Our intent was to stay connected during the stay at home orders, with Zoom Happy Hours.

We were looking to fight boredom with Quarantini’s.

We were drinking wine to cope with homeschooling. 

We needed a sense of humor to endure the endless bad news, coming at us from all directions. 

Parents especially, couldn’t catch a break this year. 

I drink because of distance learning. 

They wine, I wine.   

Essential workers endured stress and anxiety, to say the least, daily.

Teachers figuring out new ways to engage students remotely.

Violence erupted in cities all across America.

We feared for our health and safety.

We feared for the health and safety of our parents, our children, our neighbors, and our friends. 

A few weeks turned into a few months. 

Vacations cancelled. 

Sports cancelled.

Concerts cancelled.

Businesses closed. 

Life as we knew it was cancelled. 

More people got sick.

More loved ones died.

More businesses closed.

Alcohol sales went up, alcohol delivery increased, and binge drinking became a social norm. 

People found themselves drinking earlier in the day, having more drinks at a time, or drinking more days in the week. For most, drinking increased.

New holiday stresses combined with mental and physical exhaustion are leaving many feeling at wits end, this year end.

With alcohol’s negative effects on overall wellbeing, it’s no wonder people are starting to question their new relationship with alcohol. 

This is the runway for the New Year.

If you’ve tried drinking to cope and you’re not happy with the outcomes, you might want to try a Dry January experiment.

A Dry January can benefit anyone. 

A month without booze will improve sleep and put you in a better mood.

You will strengthen your immune system, and save money by taking a month off.

Many lose weight.

Your skin will brighten and your energy will increase.

It is the third healthiest thing you can do for yourself following, quitting smoking (if you smoke), and following a nutritious diet. 

Taking a break from alcohol benefits anyone who drinks. 

If I could sell these outcomes in a pill, they would sell out.

You don’t have to have a problem with alcohol, to reap the rewards of a dry month. 

Even casual drinkers can benefit from taking a break from booze. 

If you’ve gotten used to a daily cocktail, abstaining, however might be more challenging than you think.

Many think they can "take it or leave it", until they try to leave it. 

Head to ditchedthedrink.com for 12 Sober Secrets to get you started. 

Clear the path and prepare for a successful Dry January, by setting your intention and gathering your tools and resources now. 

As a former party girl, I have experienced all the benefits of an alcohol free lifestyle and I love helping others do the same.

Happy, Healthy, New Year to You!


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