Drinking Buddies

Uncategorized Jun 04, 2019

I wasn’t someone who had drinking buddies. I only had true blue friends that drank with me. My friend Bird was the person who took me in and loved me in my worst drunken stupors. She understood what it was like and we went out for more. Always more. Never enough wine to fill the hole. I felt free to get totally drunk with her.

Then I removed alcohol from my life and so did Bird.

My biggest party girl friend became my unofficial sponsor. The one who responded to my emergency texts from bar bathrooms, the one who would go out for dessert at 9 pm because I had to escape, the one who would listen to me whine and cry and complain day after day. The one who would meet me for a sunrise walk, my daughter’s volleyball game, a stupid movie that no one wanted to see but me. She helped me wash my windows and landscape my yard. Her husband called me HBomb. We call ourselves Bird and Bomb and although we have a few funny memories from our drinking days, we also had crippling shame and anxiety.

Let me assure you, our party is not over, it’s just getting started and we don’t need alcohol to fuel our foolishness.

Bird is still the person I am safe to be free with. Free as a Bird you might say. That is where the true joy is. She’s a fiery redhead so you know we ain’t boring. We still go out together, even tho we call it book club, the reality is, she doesn’t read so we don’t talk about books and instead just take establishments by storm, 🌪making friends and laughing 🤪our asses off along the way.


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