Elective Sobriety is On Trend

Uncategorized Nov 18, 2019

Not sure if your drinking is a problem? When in doubt, test it out! 

It is healthy to remove rid the body of unhealthy substances for a period of time. 

Elimination diets have gained popularity the last few years. By avoiding certain foods for a few weeks, you can identify how they make you feel when you reintroduce them. Elimination diets are generally suggested for everyone and not just people with known allergens or food sensitivities. 

Benefits of elimination diets will help you to notice everything happening in your mind and body. Your 3pm sluggishness or mid morning brain fog may have become a new norm for you. The elimination diet will bring issues like this to your attention. 

There was a recent article published regarding a dopamine fast. Silicon Valley has started a trend by taking a break from dopamine hits (rewards). For example, turning off social media for the weekend and focusing on the process of an activity (such as walking or meditation) instead of the reward of likes, notifications, and follows. 

You reap the same benefits or more when eliminating alcohol for a period of time. This is true even if you only drink in moderate amounts, (Mayo Clinic reports moderate as less than 5 oz of wine a day). 

Moderate alcohol use isn't 100% risk-free. For example, even light drinkers (those who have no more than 5 oz of wine a day) have an increased risk of some cancers, accidents and mental health concerns.

Taking a pause on your drinking may be the key to long term happiness.

It was for me. 

Alcohol experts welcome the sobriety experiment movement “It can rarely hurt to take a break from anything you do habitually, just to see,” says Lisa DuBreuil, a social worker with a focus on addiction at Massachusetts General Hospital “Alcohol affects our mood, impacts our cognitive function, and has a big impact on our body. So it can be a very good thing, as long as you’re approaching this with a sense of curiosity and asking, ‘What would I feel like, after a few weeks?’”

Elective sobriety is on trend.

Gone are the days when the only person not drinking is your alcoholic uncle who had to quit drinking because he went to jail.

These days health conscious people everywhere are voluntarily giving up booze, reaping the benefits of alcohol free living, and choosing to stay sober curious. 

There are many benefits to an alcohol free experiment.

Looking good, feeling good, and improved health and finances to name a few.  

Everything seems to work better when you unplug, give it a rest, and hit the reset button. 

Your relationship with alcohol is the same. 

There is no shame in taking a break from alcohol.

It's not just for people with alcohol problems. 

Pausing your drinking benefits anyone that drinks, even moderate drinkers. 

Don’t believe me, try it for yourself. 

When in doubt, test it out! 


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