Ditch the Drink for Dummies

Uncategorized Nov 12, 2021

There is no one way to ditch the drink. 


There is no right way either. 


There is only the way that works for you. 


It can be a process of trial and error to figure it out.


Some of my clients come to me wanting “a program” and some coaches offer programs. 


The way I see it, the ways to remove alcohol from your life are as unique as the people looking to ditch it. 


There are a few Universal tools such as finding support, education, and community. 

Often a spiritual practice is included, but not always. 


My work with client’s is very personal and highly customized.


There is no “how to” guide or step by step process to easily ditch the drink.


In all cases I offer support, resources, encouragement, and accountability.

How this plays out  is different for each person I support. 


Many of my client’s are used to following rules, taking orders, and accomplishing many projects. 


Alcohol is not like the other tasks you can check off your list. 


We dive deeper into limiting beliefs to come to individual a-ha’s.

We get your conscious and your unconscious mind on the same page.


Together we end the, “I want to drink but I don’t want to drink” the war within.


When you see alcohol for what it really is to you, it becomes a lot easier to let it go.

When you no longer desire to drink, it becomes much easier to be alcohol free. 

When you connect with your higher self and the bigger dreams you have for yourself, alcohol becomes irrelevant and unnecessary.

This is the magic of coaching support. 


It is not advice giving. 

It is not an exact play by play that you have to perform perfectly. 


Ditching the drink is for those willing to live an awakened life.


It is for seekers. 


It is for people brave enough to address their own limitations.

It is a beautiful process of self discovery and that looks different for everyone. 


My sober tool box will not look the same as yours.

Coaching is not giving you my sober tool box, but instead helping you develop your own. 


I don’t have the answers for you, but I know how to help you navigate finding them.


I have never met anyone who ditched the drink, “on their own”, despite all of our greatest attempts. 


I have seen great success from people who reached out for support. 


This very surrender of reaching out starts the process of self compassion and transformation. 


The momentum swings in your favor when you are willing to say “I need help”. 

These are the hardest words for many of us to say, including me. 

The words are the necessary upswing to anyone’s bottom.


For anyone who has tried and tired, for anyone who can’t seem to make it stick, for anyone looking to help themselves, reaching out for support will always be the answer. 


That is the one and only Ditch the Drink for Dummies instruction. 


If you have reached out, reach out again. 

Again and again, until you find something and someone that works for you.


Many people get sober without a coach, but as my clients will tell you, having a coach makes it much easier and much more enjoyable. 


The most common thing I hear at the end of my calls is

 “I was so worried about the dinner, the wedding, the weekend, the holidays...my life without alcohol. After talking to you, I feel so hopeful. I am actually looking forward to it all!” 


Changing anxiety and fear into hope, curiosity, and wonder can make a huge difference. 


A shift in thinking and a reframe of mind can do a lot.


New thinking coupled with tangible tools, a plan, accountability, and encouragement, well it’s no wonder my client’s succeed!!!


When you look at it that way, why not make it easy on yourself and enlist a coach to help! 


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