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I joined a Facebook Group and as an introduction I shared my website that includes my blog/my story. I also offered a Free Sober Starter Kit. The admin saw this as advertising and asked me to take it down. I did. And I apologized. Then I felt defensive in reaction to her defense. 

Was offering a free resource advertising? Depends on the perspective of the person viewing it.

Was I trying to advertise?

Yes. In a way I was. I have some great tools and resources that are helping people over come triggers in recovery. I want to get the word out. I want to help as many people I can. I can’t help anyone who doesn’t know about my resources.  

I believe in a diverse and unique Sober Tool Kit for each person. I want to offer my support, my experience, my voice, and the resources that I have put together to everyone. They have successfully contributed to people’s recovery.

Does this take away from another person’s offerings? I think no! I happily support, share, refer, and promote other coaches work every single day.

I am not the right coach for everyone. No one is. I got sober from the work of others that went before me. We all did.  

Was I trying to make money, or steal an audience from another person’s site and hard work?

Maybe. If you see it that way. I don’t.

I believe in abundance. I don’t think one flower has to stop blooming because the flower next to it is blooming beautifully. We can all bloom. At once. It is not mutually exclusive, one or the other. I don’t think anyone’s success takes away from anyone else’s. I believe in collaboration. What if your site and my Free Sober Tool Kit was the right mix for someone in recovery? That would be amazing and we would both want to offer our mix over and over again. The whole point of this work is being of service to others. I want to be of service to my everyone, including my clients, your clients, and you-other coaches.  

This is being put to the challenge in my recovery work. So many people who have gotten sober want to preach and teach the good news. There are so many sober, recovery, and life coaches out there. If my goal was to make money, as a business person with a background in international sales (where the money is), this would be a very foolish choice in an overly saturated market. People do not go into recovery work for the big paycheck. 

If my top priority was to make money, I should have reconsidered my degree in Social Work. The most common answer to that is “there’s no money in it.”  No. There is not.

I believe you do what you love and the money will follow. Not the other way around. I tried the other way around for years and was out of alignment with myself. The world was missing out on the unique gifts I have to share by doing a job I hated but had a big commission check when I was able to pull it off.

Brene Brown has found fame and fortune in Social Work. Proof that if you are good at anything the money will be there (love her!). She has followed her passion for a long time ,and against the odds, her hard work is finally financially paying off.

We all want to make a living pursuing our passions. As a whole, we also want as many people as possible to get mindful about their drinking habits. Our audience is endless. We are starting a revolution. The way to continue is together. We do not have to be pitted against each other. That is our greatest weakness, Ladies. I do not see us in competition with one another. If we are, it better be friendly and it better raise us both up a level. The way forward is collaboration in love and not fear.

I ask you to consider your limiting beliefs around abundance. Many of my followers are other coaches. Many are girls 11-14 years old.

What do we want teach them?  

One like and I will know you are with me. There is enough room for us all.   


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