5 Ways to Celebrate Love in Sobriety

One of the best outcomes of sobriety is going from a dull existence to a vivid electric life. When you stop dulling your senses and escaping your feelings,  you get in touch with your own intuition and you start to trust yourself. Your confidence grows and that is the ultimate glow up. This is the most beautiful transformation. Love in sobriety is all about self love whether you are single or in a relationship. 

Here’s a few ways I like to celebrate love this Valentine’s Day with or without a partner. 

1- Taste of Love

You don’t need alcohol for a romantic Valentine’s Day. There are so many other flavors to enjoy. Coffee and dessert is the sexiest combo in my opinion. But if that is not your style, you can also mix up fancy drinks on your own. I love ordering something special from NA Craft Beverages and mixing up a fancy combination. Strawberries, raspberries, and mint make great garnishments for Valentine’s Day. Saint Ivy Gin and Tonic with grapefruit, lime and mint in a copper mug is a sophisticated sip in front of a roaring fire. Raspberry Shrub with Limoncello LaCroix  infused with fresh lemon slices, makes a wonderful pink drink. Finally, Hops Water with berries and basil will give you the refreshing punch you are looking for sans booze. Taking the time to make a drink special, adds a touch of romance and staying alcohol free keeps your senses awake. You can use code DitchedtheDrink10 for 10% off these drinks at NA Craft Beverages through February 29th. 

2- Love in the Air

The natural elements of fire, water, earth and are a huge turn on for me. February in Chicago calls for a hypnotizing fire in the fireplace. Adding rose petals to a jacuzzi bath is a lovely touch. A winter’s walk is a beautiful backdrop for falling in love. I have a cousin that got married in the Wisconsin snow after a sleigh ride. Swoon! Lighting candles, buying yourself flowers, and taking time to breath in the invigorating air, are all ways to add nature’s touch to your Valentine’s Day. 

3- Love Song

Music is a wonderful way to express yourself. Make a feel good playlist or borrow one from someone else. Listening to your favorite love songs, is an automatic mood lift. Music can positively enhance the vibe in any room. Get your body moving by swaying to the music, dancing in the mirror, or grabbing your partner to twirl in the kitchen. Connecting with your body, breath, and beat will get you in the mood for love. 

4- Love Story

Another way to light a spark is with a great love story, or just a seductive show (hello, Hustlers!). Music and movies have an element of fantasy. Free your mind and let your imagination go wild. 

4 - Love Notes

Remember the classroom Valentine’s from your youth? Of course, some notes were embarrassing, but I bet you felt really good hearing about how much a classmate adored you. Today is a great day to write yourself or a loved one a letter. Share all the unique qualities you admire about them. Just writing a note brings mindfulness and cultivates love for people and actions you might otherwise take for granted. Writing out the things I like about myself affirms me to me. Maybe you want to play around with a poem or even write your own love song. Sticking I love you post its around the house does the trick too. Repeating a personal mantra reminds you to treat yourself and others with extra compassion throughout the day. 


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