3 Tips for Giving up Alcohol For Lent

So you’ve decided to give up alcohol for Lent. 


This is one of the healthiest things you can do.

Because you have chosen alcohol, I assume there may be some challenges in letting go of this vice. It is afterall representing a sacrifice. 

Maybe you are #sobercurious, on a health journey, looking to lose weight, get better sleep, or evaluating your relationship with alcohol. 

Perhaps alcohol has become a staple in your daily routine since the pandemic hit and it secretly scares you how much you have come to rely on it. 

Maybe you see it’s hurting you more than it’s helping you.

Regardless, I am glad you are here, taking a break from booze.

I am now 3 year sober, but I started with an alcohol free experiment myself. My goal was to be alcohol free for 100 Days. I made it to 70 Days and felt confident my overindulgence was cured. I did alcohol free challenges and experiments for 3 years before I decided to give it up for good.

I guess you could say I am an expert on ditching the drink, since I have had so much experience. 

Here’s my top tips:


1- Mindset Shift 

If you are used to seeing alcohol as the reward at the end of the day you may feel deprived without it. I encourage you not only subtract alcohol, but to also add luxury to your life.

What do you look forward to about being alcohol free?

No hangovers?

Better sleep?

More money?

Make a list of what you are gaining, not giving up. 


2- Rewards

How can you spoil yourself this season? 

What makes you feel healthy and loved? 

For me that was special coffee and dessert, new books, bath and body lotions, and fresh flowers in the house. 

For my clients it’s been a weighted blanket, expensive skin care, new leggings, a housecleaner, a couples massage, extra childcare, and yoga classes.

You do not have to whiteknuckle the experience for 40 days and then celebrate with your alcoholic beverage at the end. 

You can use this time to experiment with a new lifestyle, trying out new coping skills (meditation and journaling anyone?) and finding new hobbies, treats, and self care routines. 

3 - Technology

If you are new to questioning your drinking, welcome!

There is a booming sober and sober curious community ready to greet you. 

Instagram is full of positive inspiring sober accounts, including mine @ditchedthedrink. 

I offer a 6 week, self paced, online Alcohol Free Jumpstart class with daily lessons, and on demand support to keep your momentum. 

Follow hashtags such as #soberaf, #soberissexy, #wedorecover, #thedryclub, #wearetheluckiest, #alcoholfree and more. 

You can join others in your alcohol free challenge. 

Check out @sobersis, @sherecovers, @joinmonument and @1000HoursDry to get started.

Download an app to keep track of your days, and money saved. 

@iamsober is one popular option. 

Go one step further and get an app with all the tools needed to remove alcohol.

I suggest @reframe, an evidence based sobriety program with interactive exercises, 40 sober tools to relax and distract from cravings, and track your progress. 

Reframe also has inspiration stories, on demand tool kit, journal prompts and mindfulness exercises.  


The options for support in going alcohol free for a reason, a season, or a lifetime are endless.

You might enjoy the benefits of being alcohol free so much you choose to continue! 

Download my FREE Sober Secrets Guide at ditchedthedrink.com to get started.


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