23 Ways to turn Down a Drink

Uncategorized Jul 01, 2019

You’re sober but you still want to socialize and you aren’t sure how to handle it when someone offers you a drink. Its anxiety provoking to have to figure out how to turn down a drink.

That was a hard part about going out sober for me.

Worrying about other people’s reactions. I would turn down a drink and just hold my breath and wait for the responses, and wonder how I would handle them.

Here’s the thing, when you make a change it's uncomfortable for other people. Here's the other thing it's not your job to comfort them.

You just take care of you and they will figure it out.

After a few practice rounds its gets easier. Soon people stop asking. It's worthy to note someone’s reaction to you not drinking says a lot more about them than it does about you.

Nowadays, I still get invited to things. People still want to hang with me. It's just known that I don’t drink. I feel really proud of it, but I was shaky in the beginning when I was trying on a new identity.

Here’s 23 ideas that might help you say no.     

I am not drinking right now.

I have an early morning.

I am training for a ½ marathon.

I am not feeling well.

I’m good.

I’ve got something.

Not tonight.

No thanks.



I’m doing a detox.

It’s not on my diet.

I’ll help myself.

Maybe later.

I wish I could, but no.

Thanks, but no.

I’ll have something else.

Let’s eat!

I’m not into it but thanks for asking.

I’ll pass.

I’m on the sober train.

Dry July. Sober October.

RuPaul's favorite "Ooh Girl, I've had enough!"

And my favorite, which creates so much excitement and mystery. I had to get really sober for a long time before I was brave enough to use it. Now I wish I would have just used it sooner =


Seriously, that simple.


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