New Year, Same You?

Uncategorized Dec 31, 2018

New Year/New You?

I am all about self help, reaching goals and self improvement. If you are like me, your email inbox is full of New Years messages that encourage New Year, New You! These messages might be winding you up to start Whole 30 and get that holiday weight gain in check. You probably have received gym discounts and coupons codes to make 2019 the year you get in shape. Join a yoga class! Start rock climbing! Sign up (again!) to run that marathon! Or maybe you watched Marie Kondo on Netflix and you are inspired to clean out and declutter your home. Maybe you, like me, love the idea of a new planner to fill out. Perfectly organizing your life. Maybe you sat down with your calendar and color coded it to perfection. Say goodbye to the 2018 Hot Mess Express and Hello to the new hopes and dreams of losing weight, gaining muscle, and never missing a beat at home or at work in the New Year! Ahh the New Year/New You goals are enticing, aren’t they?

If on Day 9 of Dry January...

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