Asking for Help, I am Racist

Black Lives Matter. 

I want to openly admit how racist I am, and what I am doing about it.

This might surprise you to hear that I am racist, because I am, without a doubt, also anti-racism. 

I am a kind, accepting, open, loving white woman. 

I believe and vote for equal rights for all people.

My neighbors are black. 

My best friends are black.

I am from a white family, in a white town.

I went to a white college. 

I grew up in a very nice, loving, accepting white family who believes and votes for equal rights for all people. 

How could I be racist?

Because I grew up in a racist society with massive inequality. 

I don't know what I don't know.

A few years ago, a young blonde girl was shooting a skunk in our local park in broad daylight. 

I was scared and taken back at first, but when I saw who it was, I was relieved. 

If that was a black man or a black teen, I might have been scared and called the police.


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My Grandma Alvina

Uncategorized May 29, 2020

My Grandma died just before her 89th birthday in her home yesterday.

I am 44 years old and until yesterday, both my Grandma’s were still living, so I am one incredibly lucky Granddaughter.

I have two good Grandma’s.

In my experience most people get one good Grandma, that they like, and then a mean Grandma, that they like less.

Is this true?

I was gifted with two very different people for my Grandma’s and I love them both dearly.

Grandma Alvina was my Mom’s mom.

Alvina’s Mom was adopted and came from Poland.

When I had kids we started calling Grandma Alvina Babcia/Busha, which is Polish for Grandma.

I have so many of my Grandma’s qualities that my husband calls me Busha, too.

Especially when I’m in a mood, if you know what I mean.

I don’t mind at all.

I see her in me too.

It’s not always positive, but it is always strong.

My Grandma was the last of her siblings to die and the last of my Mom’s parents to go too.

I feel so sad...

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I Can't Have Fun Without Drinking

If you think you can’t have fun without drinking. 

You are right. 

I couldn’t either. 

That is because as much as I hated to admit it, I had become dependent on alcohol.

I needed alcohol for a good time. 

So much that I didn’t feel good without it. 

As a daily drinker, I would wake up with a hangover. 

The only way for me for me to feel better was to address the withdrawal my body was experiencing. 

Alcohol directly influenced the chemical activity in my brain which caused issues like depression and anxiety to exacerbate. 

It disrupted my sleep and contributed to negative thoughts and moodiness. 

This is not fun by anyone’s standards!

The easiest way to stop feeling this way is to have another drink. 

This took the edge of my body’s withdrawal, and I immediately felt better. 

This detox retox cycle is the alcohol trap. 

Not unlike the sweet nectar of a pitcher plant that has insects drinking it...

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Lessons from Michael Jordan's Last Dance

I am loving my new routine of snuggling up on the couch on Sunday night’s with my family.

We are enthralled with Michael Jordan’s Documentary, The Last Dance.

It’s an incredible show that has me on the edge of my seat every week. 

The show has me laughing, crying, and mostly remembering my glorious high school years in the 90’s. 

It brings me right back.  

Thankfully Netflix and ESPN teamed up with Spotify to create an official dance playlist.

There is so much to learn about success in anything from this series.

5 Takeaways for Sobriety from The Last Dance:

Fail Forward

Michael Jordan has unbelievable talent, but what you see so clearly in this documentary, is that it was his practice, determination, and will that made him the GOAT. 

His ultra competitive nature is what put him above the rest.

Failure made him work even harder. 

 "I've missed more than 9,000 shots in my career. I've lost almost 300 games. Twenty-six...

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I'm Afraid if I Quit Drinking I Won't Be Fun Anymore

Almost everyone I know has the same fear when they quit drinking.

Fear of not being fun anymore. 

I had the same fear. 

My identity was wrapped up in being a party girl. A class clown. A drinker. 

I had never met anyone sober and I certainly would never want to hang out with anyone that didn't drink. 

There was one women at work that didn’t drink much.

“Why???” , I would ask her. 

I literally could not fathom why someone wouldn’t drink as much as they could,

 as often as they could, like me.

“I just don’t really like the way it makes me feel. I’ll maybe have one glass of wine at Christmas, but that’s it.”

I would think, are you freaking kidding me??? 

What do you do for fun? 


How boring. 

We would never be friends, outside of work. 

If she didn’t drink we obviously had nothing in common. 

All I did was drink and I surrounded myself with drinkers. 


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Alcohol Does Not Empower Women

Don’t you love a good female movie where the women revolt against their ordinary housewife lives and bond together to go do something adventurous? 

Me too!

Don’t you love a badass story about Mom’s who stop serving everyone else in their life and take back their right to prioritize their own self care? 

Hell yes. I love that. 

Don't you cheer along when women support each other and shock everyone by not smiling and nodding, but instead using their voices.

Bold, brave, and badass. 

When women go against the norm and speak up, speak out, and walk out too.

It’s so empowering! 

When women demand respect, pay raises, and power…

Major inspo! 

When women gather together for the sole purpose of fun, laugh, and play?


Yes, rage against the societal norms and expectations.

That is exactly what we all want.

It is exactly what every women wants when they feel alone in their own houses serving their families, and ignoring their...

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Quarantine Fatigue

I am getting sick of being isolated and stuck at home. As time goes on, the cabin fever sets in. Not just cabin fever, but also exhaustion, from the weight of concern regarding coronavirus and the negative outcomes. Worry, anxiety, and depression are setting in for many. 

What can you do to combat quarantine fatigue? 

Here’s a few things that are working for me.


1- Get outside 

This may be obvious, but fresh air, sunshine, and even a chilly slap in the face do the mind and body good. Getting out in nature relieves your mind and has proven benefits in overall health and mood. A change of scenery from your own four walls can immediately lift your spirits. I have made 30 minutes of being outside mandatory for me and my family. Whether we take a walk, work in the yard, watch the birds, or simply sit and read a book, the benefits of the great outdoors are plenty.


2- Change the channel

Figuratively speaking, change the channel. It can really feel like a...

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The In Between of Drinking and Sobriety

Uncategorized May 04, 2020

It’s ok. 

It’s ok to have one foot in both world’s.

You want to quit drinking, but you don’t want to quit drinking.

You might be laughing at the quarantini memes. You feel a bit comforted by a joke about drinking. It gives you a who cares feeling, and you want that right now. Everything seems so serious. Anxiety is lurking at every corner. A joke helps relieve the heaviness of it all. 

At the same time you might also be concerned about your drinking. Terrified even. 

Are you the only one in your company who will keep drinking through the night after the Zoom Happy Hour ends? Does it end badly for everyone? Or do some people have a their drink and then take a walk? Do laundry? Play a board game with their kids and not keep drinking? How is that even possible? 

You want the drink. You also want to stop drinking. The war within in exhausting.

Your relationship with alcohol is an experience, not a title.

It is not black and white. 

It is...

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Give Mom Appreciation, Not Alcohol, on Mother's Day

Before you start with the wine jokes for Mother’s Day. 

Please don’t. 

Wine has been sold to women as the cure for parenting stress, and it’s a lie. 

I know because I tried it. 

I wanted relief during the nightly dinner time, bath time, bedtime routine.

I wanted something to take the edge off of me, being me.

I was anxious that our house was never clean enough for me. 

I was worried that I was never good enough for my kids. 

I was trying to keep up parenting and working.

I was always overwhelmed.

Often my schedule required me to be in two places at once. 

I was not able to manage this impossible feat.

My attempts caused me so much stress. 

That magic wine elixir did work at first.

It took the edge off.

It soothed my nerves and made me feel like everything was ok.

I started to look forward to my first evening sip. 

Then, I started to depend on it.

Then, I started to panic when there was not enough of it. 


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Sobriety is a Lifestyle Choice

Sobriety is a lifestyle and it’s the one I’ve always wanted. 

Rosé all day is a lifestyle too and it made me miserable. 

As a drinker, I loved any occasion to make my drinking feel normal.

I loved when other people drank with me.

I loved when other people started the drinking, so it didn’t have to be me.

I loved weekends, holidays, events and occasions where I could start drinking earlier in the day. 

I drank fast and furious.

I always wanted more.

It didn’t hit fast enough and then it hit all at once. 

I drank alone like this too, but it felt better when there were others doing it with me. 

I could not hang, so I often passed out hours before the party ended. 

The drinking lifestyle started out with all the best intentions.

Wine at playdates.

Day drinking by the pool on a holiday weekend.

A crisp glass of white in the sun chatting on the phone before the kids came home. 

The drinking lifestyle ended with...

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