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Imagine if you could wake up with energy and enthusiasm each day, build your inner resilience with healthy coping tools instead of substances, and tune into your calling instead of ignoring your voice by being distracted with the noise in your head.

You can!

Here are three ways I can help you get there!


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  • Monthly Recorded Masterclasses
  • LIVE Bi-weekly Coaching Calls
  • 24/7 Private Community Forum
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 Jumpstart Digital Course

  • 42 Daily Video Lessons to welcome the opportunity to remove alcohol from your life
  • A guide for people that are sober curious or want to "do it on their own"
  • Gain freedom, tools, and mindset that you need to end the internal conflict.
  • 6 week INSIDER Community Membership



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 Becoming 1x1 Coaching Support

  • 1:1 Coaching Support
  • 12 Weeks of personalized care and attention
  • Identify and remove the blocks to your success
  • Remove limiting beliefs + shame and replace with self compassion + empowerment
  • Unlimited Text + Email Support
  • 12 Weeks of INSIDER Community Membership


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What clients are saying...


"This program has been life changing for me. Heather helped me identify the triggers for my drinking and is a shining example of how genuine life can be like without alcohol. She has helped me keep the promises I make to myself. I have freedom from alcohol I've never experienced in my adult life. I am living the life I've always wanted, but didn't think I could have." 



"Heather's Jumpstart Course is fantastic. Her videos are motivational, educational and super relatable. It was just the right amount of information and encouragement every day. What I found was the perfect combination was pairing it with Heather's 1x1 coaching for that extra dose of accountability, which, for me, made all the difference."




"Heather is gracious and skilled. I appreciated her listening skills as I fought my way through the early changes of ditching the drink.

I was in a bad cycle of drinking every night to numb myself. Heather helped me to recognize the triggers and patterns that led to this behavior, and to come up with strategies to short-circuit that behavior. 

I appreciate the personal support, kindness, and insights of my coach. Highly professional."



Working with Heather helped me understand my relationship with alcohol more deeply than I have before, which made big changes possible.

I feel more empowered and more at peace than I have in a long time.