First of all I wanted to thank you for being the most important part of my journey, when I first realized and then accepted that I had a problem with alcohol, I decided I had to do something about it as I tried many times to stop and to do it alone to no avail, so then I decided to look at it from various standpoints of how to and who to reach out to, I went to an AA meeting many years before, because at the time I was not drinking daily but “just” binge drinking and I felt that AA was not for me personally; I now know I am considered a “high functioning” alcoholic, so, I came to the conclusion that just like pro athletes get coaches or people in general get, business coaches, personal training coaches, life coaches, speech coaches and the list goes on...

I decided that it was my time I get a sober coach to help me in this area that I could not overcome alone, to provide me with the tools and their personal experience and insight into how they dealt with this vicious disease.

Now as I look back to 48 days ago and 2 years previous to that of trying to beat this alone, I am so happy that I invested in myself with Heather; When I first looked into a coach for my sobriety, I read various stories from different coaching styles and different coaches, but yours stood out from the rest, I related to every word you wrote and I understood exactly what you were saying, because it was my story too and I admired you for being brave enough to overcome and share it out in the open and coach others in this area too, it was then I knew I had found my coach. 

Then at my lowest point after a two week bender, ruining my husbands 40th Birthday whom I love very much and I was feeling embarrassed, regretful, tired, broken, humiliated within myself that I couldn’t control my drinking and then I decided to schedule a call with You; I remember so clearly thinking that because I had scheduled a call that I had to first of all be sober and white knuckle it to get through the detox in order to be coherent enough to start my journey, I cried on the phone like a baby when I first spoke with Heather and you offered me a friendly voice and compassion.

Furthermore, I did not feel judged, shamed or preached to but instead I found in you complete understanding of what I was going thru and you said to me that whatever had happened and whatever I did was in the past and this is today that you were so proud of me for taking the steps to call You and to be so brave to look within myself and ask for help and as I write this, my tears are flowing (oh man, what a ride!)
Heather, along the way you have given me so many tools to use that I never even thought of and you know when to call out my bullshit in a loving and compassionate way, you even know when to call out the “wine witch” When I can’t even see her peaking her ugly head, I guess I just want to let you know how much you have helped me in this journey of going into a lifetime of sobriety and I haven’t seen these many days Sober in 20 years.

Thank You and May all the Gods Bless you!

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