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For a long while, I've struggled with drinking to have fun and drinking to relieve and escape some of the monotony and fatigue of the day-in, day-out routine of working full time as a database developer while also trying to be "everything" for my three young children. Sometimes a glass of wine seems like the only way to get through a dinner with a screaming toddler who doesn't want to eat, homework with older kids, dinner, bathtime, storytime, etc.



As SO many people relate to, my drinking wasn't "that bad" but I also failed to meet my "Just ONE day without" desire over and over and over.

I kept thinking "I'm an active and healthy person with a huge passion for nutrition and movement and the outdoors, so how did I end up here, so dulled and misaligned and quitting before I even really tried?"

The broken self trust and broken promises to myself were more damaging than anything. 



At my lowest point after a two week bender, ruining my husbands 40th Birthday whom I love very much and I was feeling embarrassed, regretful, tired, broken, humiliated within myself that I couldn’t control my drinking and then I decided to schedule a call with You; I remember so clearly thinking that because I had scheduled a call that I had to first of all be sober and white knuckle it to get through the detox in order to be coherent enough to start my journey, I cried on the phone like a baby when I first spoke with Heather and you offered me a friendly voice and compassion.


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