The Professional Drinker

Resources for professionals, corporate wellness, and HR for happier, healthier employees and workplaces. 


Corporate Wellness Resources

Resources to improve employee wellness and company bottom line.

  • 30 Day Corporate Alcohol-free Experiment
    • Digital class with daily videos, downloadable resources, and actions steps for 30 days alcohol-free
  • Company Policy Consultation
    • Define Guidelines
    • Document
    • Execute
  • Culture Shift and Change Management
    • Education
    • Event Planning
    • Resources
  • Worksite Alcohol Training
    • Onsite or Digital Training for Leadership and Staff
  • Workplace Alcohol Intervention
    • Limit Liability
    • Support Employees
    • Provide Options
  • Individual or Group Coaching
    • In person support
    • Digital Support
    • Online Digital Class

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