Ditch the Drink- Be Free

Jump start living your best life in just 6 weeks. Remove alcohol, gain freedom and align with your highest self, to do your greatest good.

I will guide you with my step by step process. You will receive all the tools you need to end the internal conflict and welcome the opportunity to ditch the drink.



Stop thinking about drinking

Remove the desire to drink for good. Align with your inner resilience. Gain your headspace back by ditching the drink. 

Feel your Feelings

Stop numbing with alcohol, and start to feel better. Figure out how to deal with feelings. Move toward your authentic purpose, inner peace and self love.

Pursue Happiness

Pursue your Passions. Become a more interesting person. Learn how to have a blast - no regrets hangover and guilt free.

Here's What You'll Get

Remove the desire to drink and find a new zest for living.

Ditched the Drink is the ONLY digital course that provides daily support and expert guidance for 42 days without drinking.

If you are ready evaluate your relationship with alcohol while learning to free yourself from cravings, address triggers, build confidence and have fun while avoiding labels, committing to a 12 step program, or worrying about what people think Ditched the Drink Jumpstart will get you there.

Its ok if you don’t want to quit drinking forever, you don’t want to be called an alcoholic, and you don't want to become a boring sober person.

You might be afraid of what people think about you. Yet, you secretly fear your drinking habits might not be helping you live your best life.

You would like to explore your drinking habits privately and anonymously, but you need the right road map.

You are sick of suffering and would like freedom from thinking about drinking.

What you have been trying on your own isn't working. You are ready to make some changes.

This course will show you the way and jumpstart the progress you have attempted on your own.

Join Ditched the Drink 6 Week Digital Class and jumpstart wellness habits that lead you away from obsessing about drinking and towards living the life of your dreams.

With expert guidance and daily support to keep you motivated, accountable, and excited about making a positive change.

Get My Ditched the Drink Jumpstart Today

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